Technical Copywriting

When you want to explain your product and services to your audience, from beginner to advanced, you need technical copywriting. Technical copywriting includes emails, website content, white papers, case studies, and more. It's like combining advertising and marketing. I also provide technical writing including user documentation, user manuals, instruction guides and I build knowledge centers.


Help your audience understand

Sometimes technical things need to be explained in the most basic way, yet allows consumers to learn and build on that knowledge as they advance.

Use my skills to teach your audience the basics while providing the most advanced users what they need and still accommodate everyone in between.

Your audience will learn and grow, which means they'll continue to use your products and services and send you referrals. In turn, happier customers, more revenue.

Technical writing is essential if you want your customers to keep coming back, reduce support costs, and increase awareness. Think about how many times your helpdesk, developers, sales staff, and anyone in your organization, answer the same questions over and over and over.

For years I've developed documentation that nearly eliminates the same questions. How? The right content in the right places will help you solve your customer's questions before they contact you. I have the experience to create documentation from scratch, on any platform and output to any format and any medium.

And what makes my style unique is how I structure content in a way that allows the most basic user to the most advanced user to understand how your products and services work. In essence, I organize documentation and content based on the natural way people learn and consume information. This increases user adoption and sales calls while reducing helpdesk calls and tickets.

Types of documentation, but not limited to, include the following –

User Guide Writing

Help users understand your products and services. There's a right way to create user guides. Do it the wrong way, or hire the wrong person and you'll end up spending more and losing customers. I've been doing this a long time and I understand exactly what your customers need.

Instruction Manual Writing

With instruction manuals, I start with the basics. When I teach your customers the basics and provide them with intermediate to advanced instructions, they'll move at their pace. There's no overwhelm, no drama, no issues - just instructions that work and do their job well.

Administration Guide Writing

Almost all software products require an administrator to configure the product for users. This requires a completely different set of instructions than what your users need. With my help, your adminstrators can get up and running faster, and we know what that means for your bottom line. Faster to market, whether it's internal or external, more savings, increased efficiency, and higher productivity levels.

Integration Guide Writing

In today's market, if you're a software company and you don't integrate with other parties, you could be losing thousands of customers. To help your customers integrate with systems they already use (make it easy for them), you need integration guides, ones that can be the difference in success, or worse case, failure. Let your customers be a success.

Operation Guide Writing

Sometimes general operating guides is all your customers need to use your products and services. Imagine your customers depending on your helpdesk or sales or marketing team to learn how to get started. Reduce the support costs across the company by providing an operation guide that your customers can use to get started.

How-to Guide Writing

Like a quick start guide, a how-to guide can be a one topic set of instructions to help your customers move along in a process. A topic can be a particular feature, a configure needed prior to a migration or software upgrade, or a general issue that needs to be resolved.

Article Writing

Articles ultimately do one thing and do it well - they educate readers on your knowledge, product, service, company or any other information you need to get out to your employees, clients, media or anyone else who needs to learn what you do and how you do it.

Email Writing

Here's a scenario - a new version or system is being deployed across the company or to your clients. You need a series of emails to walk them through the process, one byte at a time (get it?). The email series provides information they need including links to user documentation, how-to guides, administrator guides, articles, or whatever content I produce that your users need to upgrade or get started with the new system. This is just an example and there are no limitations on what can be done. Put it to the test and get results.

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