Being direct and intentional is the backbone of any communication, and will easily set your business apart.

I'm David Young. I write amazing copy (and technical copy). My clients range from a fast-growing pizza chain to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. While I'm technical, I love branching out into new industries. I can write anything - that's what makes me versatile. Let me be the writer who actually gets the job done right.

I’ve been published in popular magazines including Practical eCommerce. As Executive Editor of Ping! Zine Magazine, my unique articles have been published, printed and distributed since 2006.

By having a master’s degree in professional writing, I make a difference for each and every client. The level of dedication it takes to master writing and incorporate that skill into client projects requires experience and practice - exactly what you get from me as your copywriter (and technical writer).


When it comes to your copy (or technical copy), regardless if it's your website or your regular communications with clients,  you have a choice to make – write it yourself or hire a professional copywriter (and technical writer).

I've been writing copy for nearly two decades so I understand what it takes to make your content stand out from everyone else. In a crowded room, copy from me will have the spotlight, the microphone and the business cards to take you to another level. Be the influencer in the room - the room being your content, website, marketing materials, commercials, advertising campaign - anything you want.

At my level as a copywriter (and technical writer), I evoke emotions - how will you feel when you win? How will your boss feel when you deliver? What will your career path look like when you partner with me to write your content? If you're not happy with your current results, you'll be ecstatic with your future results.


My passion is your excitement when you read copy I've written for you. I know what it feels like to have clients get excited, maybe even tear up a bit, because they received copy from me that exceeds expectations, especially when compared to what's currently in the market today.

I go above and beyond to make sure your work is exceptional. And when you let me write in a way that I know works - based on experience and results - you will win. Everytime. Let's win together.

By hiring a copywriter with technical writing, advertising writing, and marketing writing experience you are actually optimizing and maximizing your chances that your clients will consume and easily understand why your products and services are what they need. And that's the path to creating sustainable and constant growth.

I look forward to speaking with you. Let's discuss how I can help you and your business reach new heights.

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