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Pizza? Yes please! Sarpino's Pizzeria needed on hold scripts their franchisees could use when customers call in.

Each script, professionally recorded with music, is an advertisement for Sarpino's to educate and motivate customers.

The goal is to make you want, crave and ultimately order Sarpino's by phone, or learn about other offers including catering, free delivery, open late, gourmet fresh - or just to hear Italiano!


Using on hold scripts to promote products and services is one of the most effective ways to engage your customers.

Sarpino's franchisees could choose or use all on hold scripts, whatever they prefer for their restaurant.

I wrote each script as an advertisement, like a commercial, complete with language and arrangement to entice customers.

What makes a commercial, script, advertisement work well is understanding why a client's customers purchase. In this case it's real ingredients, made fresh in store, delivered fast and free, and more.

I spent time understanding what Sarpino's wanted to convey to their audience. Through interviews and dozens of questions I had a list of words that we could use to incorporate. Here's how that sounds.

Gourmet fresh, real ingredients. Open late!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 1

Real Italian food, real recipes. Italiano!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 2

Classic Italiano, so delicious. Mmmmm.
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 3

We've got you covered catering. Party!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 4

Fast, free delivery. To your door!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 5

Customer satisfaction. Guaranteed!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 6

Welcome to open late. Past midnight!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 7

Welcome to loyalty points. Free pizza!
Listen to Sarpino's On Hold Script 8


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