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Fast growing dedicated server hosting company FastServers.Net - there's a reason they were acquired.

FastServers.Net needed a copywriter, one with industry experience who could write to sell products and services - and that I did.

From audio scripts played at industry conventions to printed newsletters and everything in between - and fast. 


What happens when a talented tech company hires a talented copywriter? More sales. Then an acquisition by a leading provider. When you want your brand on point - to resonate with your audience - you need experienced copywriting.

FastServers.Net established itself as an industry leader, which prompted more growth with the help of marketing materials.

With my help FastServers.Net - like other industry leaders - caught the attention of other major players in the industry, in turn, excelling customer acquisition while making a name among its peers.

It all started fairly simple


One of the first copywriting projects at FastServers.Net was a printed newsletter sent to select customers. The newsletter was accompanied by a Samsung Mini DV, full instructions included on what to record. The result: video testimonies FastServers.Net could use to help build trust with prospective customers, and those who provided a testimony got to the keep the camera as a gift.

– See Valued Customer mailer


Up next, FastServers.Net requested profiles written for the entire staff, maybe 20-30 employees - myself included even though I was a contractor! These weren't your ordinary 2-3 sentence, 1 paragraph profiles most companies provide - boring! These were full length, multiple paragraphs and full of details. I uncovered personalities, things they like... and don't like, experience(s), style and tone. Why? When current and prospective customers visited the website, called in or emailed the helpdesk, talked to a sales or support staff member, they engaged in conversation - simply because they read a full length profile - all available on the FastServers.Net website.

Here's a snippet of Ian Andrusyk's (President and CEO, FastServers.Net) profile–

Enjoying biking almost as much as running a complete 26 mile marathon, Ian participates every year in RAGBRAI, the largest state-long street bicycle ride of its kind. With his Specialized Roubaix street bicycle, Ian is "geared" to take on the streets of the world, cruising uphill and downhill on his "all carbon fiber" light bike. We tried to get Ian to announce what kind of bicycle he'll get next, but since he plans on riding the Roubaix until the wheels fall off, we didn't get any details on his next two-wheel cruiser.


Selling their unique postion

FastServers.Net needed website content - and a lot of it. Their unique position was DEFCON support, a multi-tier support system all customers had access to when needed based on their plan. To complement DEFCON support, I coined RECON, server monitoring and disaster prevention. I created content for both.

See RECON sales copy.

See Data Center copy, which could be used as a slick or website content - either way it worked.


In comes the audio script

Conventions are popular. They attract industry leaders, prospective buyers and sellers while giving all attendees the opportunity to network. FastServers.Net needed an audio they could play at a booth prior to a presentation.

Listen to the FastServers.Net audio script.


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