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A web hosting control panel, one that was acquired by Microsoft. Yes, the product was good enough for Microsoft, the copywriting helped it stand out in an already crowded space.

From convention booth banners to slicks, brochures and newsletters, DotNetPanel needed the entire suite of marketing and advertising writing.

The end result was popularity, attracting industry leaders and dominating powerhouses that run technology you're probably using right now.


When it comes to marketing at a convention, it takes more than one piece to attract an audience.

Combine multiple marketing pieces and distribute to your audience.

You will quickly learn the benefits of having a marketing writer help you with the right messaging that resonates with your audiences - every time.

If you want to get noticed, attend multiple conventions throughout the year. If you want to really get noticed, set up a booth and banners. Hand out brochures. Collect email addresses and send a newsletter.

Here's a brochure I wrote for DotNetPanel. They did the rest by handing it out to booth visitors. On point and on brand with their messaging, this brochure attracted the right audience at the right time.

See DotNetPanel brochure (inside).
See DotNetPanel brochure (outside).

Here are a few banners DotNetPanel used at HostingCon. They filled their booth's walls and garnered attention. These banners give you exactly what you need to learn what DotNetPanel does. The conversation is up to you.


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