Technical Writing


Technical documentation from the ground up. White papers too.

Documentation that reached new customers needing a server backup software solution.

Sales, marketing, developers - the entire team was spending too much time answering support calls. They needed a solution.


I started with Word documents and created guides customers could use right away. Then we moved to using an advanced commercial grade wiki system.

I built and managed a team of multiple technical writers, created the standards for high-end documentation, and gave the R1Soft staff their time back.

R1Soft's documentation reached thousands of visitors through search engines, which in turn created more customers. When your documentation is done correctly, you will increase sales and alleviate bottlenecks in support.

What began as an article for Ping! Zine turned into a multi-year, comprehensive set of documentation. From white papers to quick start guides, administrator guides, user guides and white papers, R1Soft had everything they needed to fully support their fast growing customer base.

Word documents turned into PDFs. Once we implemented the wiki system we could generate updates in real-time. A script (my team developed) ran daily, creating PDF downloads directly from the wiki system. Customers could choose to browse searchable, online documentation or download and print (or view digitally) PDF versions.

We met every new release date.

Want to see what my team and I developed?

View Archived Documentation 3.0 and Archived Documentation 4.0.

My team then translated 100% of the English documentation to Japanese. This meant R1Soft could reach the entire Japanese population, substantially increasing revenue and brand building on a global scale. It takes professionalism to achieve this, and that's exactly what I brought to the table.

I also wrote several white papers. These are technical white papers based on specific technical aspects.

See MySQL Databases: Protect Data Loss, Reduce Cost, Save Your Reputation White Paper

See Linux Disaster Recovery Best Practices Wite Paper

See Data Backup and Recovery White Paper

Selected Works

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