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A small, yet nimble billing software company, one that caters to the hosting industry, grew fast and was acquired by a major industry leader.

ModernBill needed copy to accompany their modern designs and powerful billing software.

When you need to grab attention, the right advertising can help garner the results you want.


When an industry leader needs to get attention at a major event, they set up a booth. And with that a series of banners - big banners. Banners you can see among the crowd, among the competition. The right design combined with the right copy works.

ModernBill attracted the right attention. With that attention, an acquisition was on the horizon.

With my copy and ModernBill's design, prospective customers and industry leaders could learn what the company does, just by reading the banners.

ModernBill used a large, open space booth to promote its presence at HostingCon, a leading hosting industry event. The billing software company offered many integrated products and solutions hosting companies and ISPs needed for an all-in-one solution.

Here are the four banners to help promote these integrated solutions.


In addition to four large, attention-grabbing banners, I wrote the copy for a slick they could hand out at the event.

See ModernBill slick.

Of course the banners and slick had to be consistent with the website copy, which I created.

See ModernBill homepage copy.

See ModernAuthorize copy.

See ModernBill Reseller copy.

See FraudGuardian copy.

See ModernDNS copy.

See ModernSSL copy.

See ModernSupport copy.


Even though this project covers advertising copy, I also wrote and maintained all installation and configuration guides.

Here's a preview of a quick start guide I wrote for ModernBill V5, the last version ModernBill developed prior to acquisition.

See ModernBill V5 Quick Config guide.

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