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How do you sell high-end, premium technology to discerning customers? Again, great copy coupled with great design is always a winner.

In this case a brochure, among other marketing collateral, was needed to make an impression on demanding customers.

A brochure that conveys network quality, combined with talented, qualified staff, means customers receive a higher standard of service.


Brochures, when written correctly, can be exactly what your prospective customers need before reaching for a purchase.

A PEER1 brochure made its way to the hands of prospective customers, or eyes as a digital version.

I wrote the copy to educate and entice those interested in a hosting provider, making sure to hit the exact points of interest to compel them to take action.

When you read the brochure several points stand out, points PEER1 wanted to resonate with their audience. Firstcall Support, 10 reasons to choose PEER1, grow with PEER1, keep you connected and a promise - all backed by PEER1. Every point is connected, every point speaks to the intended audience.

Bottom line, this brochure generates results.

See PEER1 network brochure

I get a lot of requests for white papers, especially from technology companies. PEER1 asked me to write the following. These are well constructed white papers. As with all white papers I write, I do extensive research. Every white paper must have references and include data backed by legitimate resources, typically research firms that provide statistics and information for proof.

See Managed, Self-Managed, and Co-location Hosting White Paper

See Using Database Administration Services With Managed Hosting White Paper

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