Hi! I'm David Young, 
Professional Copywriter and Technical Writer

I help clients engage their audience and sell products and services.

I create copy that sells – advertising, marketing, technical and press releases. 

Feel free to browse my work. Make this the best decision you've made, or at least one of them. I look forward to learning more about your goals.


I'm an advertising copywriter too

Say it on a billboard. Say it in on a banner. Say it with a slogan. Say it with a commercial. Say it with meaning and let your audience know you mean business.

Can you afford not to have the right messaging, the right words, the right advertising campaign?

Most likely you're here because you need a professional copywriter with advertising copywriting experience. That's me. And I have examples to back it up.

And marketing copywriting
is one of my specialties

You need marketing materials to attract customers. You need marketing materials that actually resonate with your audience. You need marketing materials that grab their attention - fast. You need my marketing copywriting experience.


I have advanced technical writing and technical copywriting skills

You've got the best product. It's easy to use. Your team is excited to get it out to customers. But you don't have technical documentation to help them use it.
Your staff is overwhelmed. Your employees are frustrated. Your customers are dwindling. It doesn't need to be this way. To solve it, you need help from an experienced technical writer and technical copywriter.

I'll build user manuals, instruction guides, administrator guides and more, then I'll write emails, articles, white papers, and other technical copy you need to educate your customers.

And I also write 
Press and PR communications

Writing to get attention requires careful planning and a story that everyone wants to talk about. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, or what products and services you offer. What matters is how you tell the story, how you present yourself and how you target your audiences.

Let's build a plan and execute that plan. Watch what happens when you hire an experienced copywriter.


Selected works

Let's talk!

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