Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a concept commercial for one of the most innovative brands of our time, Tesla. Join me as I take you through the process of crafting the Drive Bold slogan, and its accompanying concept commercial and OOH and digital assets, and explore the potential impact of this campaign on the electric vehicle industry.

The Power of a Strong Concept Commercial

Writing slogans and commercials is such an incredible experience for me. While I currently spend most of my days creating documentation for leading technology companies and organizations, I also have the privilege of using my creativity to craft engaging narratives for innovative products, like Tesla, and other major brands.

Growing up in the late seventies and early 80s, I was the kid who enjoyed the commercials between cartoons on Saturday mornings. Although I was too young to really understand commercials for adults, I watched those too in between The Incredible Hulk, The Muppet Show, and The Greatest American Hero. Please tell me you remember these classic television shows.

With this inspiration in mind and my desire to create slogans and commercials for major brands, I decided it was time to take my audio commercial writing to the next level - video. This is the first video concept commercial I've written and produced, and it's the first of many currently in development.

Most of my early work is audio only, starting with an audio script introducing FastServers hosting services (played at a booth at HostingCon 2007) to Sarpino's Pizzeria On-Hold audio scripts to some currently undisclosed audio and video concept commercials and slogans for major brands including McDonald's, Jif, Good Thins, and others.

This recent project presented a unique opportunity to bring to life a new slogan, Drive Bold, through a concept commercial and both OOH and digital advertising strategies.

The Inspiration Behind the New Tesla Concept Commercial

During Tesla's Annual Shareholder Meeting on May 16, 2023, shareholders nearly demanded that Elon Musk start advertising Tesla products. I assume this is to help drive more sales and in turn, drive up Tesla's stock price. Elon has since stated that advertising should be aesthetically pleasing and it should be something that you won't regret watching after it's done. With that in mind, I started creating. Here’s what happened next.

The Creative Process: Bringing the Tesla Concept Commercial to Life

Since Tesla values safety, it made sense to create a commercial on Tesla's Autopilot feature. If you’re not familiar with Tesla’s Autopilot feature, it allows for semi-autonomous driving, which in turn, should increase safety.

When Elon said advertising must be aesthetically pleasing, I interpreted that in multiple ways: 1) visually appealing, 2) emotional through messaging, and 3) innovative in concept and execution. In advertising, emotion is everything. Emotion is what drives a purchase.

If you haven't seen the commercial yet, take a look below. Don’t forget to turn up the volume. The music is strategically placed and the voice over adds dimension to the commercial.

The scenes chosen for the commercial, such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and deep sea diving, represent bold actions that require courage and preparation. Just as you wouldn't skydive without a parachute or climb a mountain without a rope, you wouldn't want to drive without the added safety measures provided by Autopilot. The commercial uses this juxtaposition to highlight how Autopilot allows drivers to Drive Bold with confidence.

Who is the New Tesla Commercial Aimed At?

Tesla has a loyal fan base and strong brand recognition, but the new Tesla commercial is aimed at people who are not yet convinced that owning a Tesla is right for them. Some people have been skeptical about purchasing a Tesla for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Too expensive - The Model X is $100,000 or more depending on options with the Model S hovering near or above that price range.

  • Not enough driving range on one charge for longer distance travel - Most Tesla models are in the 300-400 mile range per charge.

  • Takes too long to charge - Teslas require you to plug the vehicle in every time you arrive home or you need to spend 15-30 minutes (minimum) at a charging station to get a recharge, but this also depends on how far you’ve driven. Technically, you don’t need to recharge every time, but it makes sense to plug in your Tesla often.

But what potential buyers are not aware of is Autopilot, at least not yet. The commercial and the Drive Bold slogan specifically appeal to potential Tesla buyers by addressing their concerns about safety. While some people may be skeptical about purchasing a Tesla due to factors like cost and charging time, the advanced safety features of Autopilot could help convince them that owning a Tesla is a bold yet safe choice.

Exploring the Message: What the Drive Bold Slogan Means for Tesla and its Customers

If you watch the commercial, you'll notice several scenes where people are doing things that the general population doesn't do, such as skydiving, hanging from the side of a mountain, and deep sea diving. But then you see someone look both ways before they cross the street and one important thing: the Tesla vehicle in the commercial stops.

The Drive Bold slogan and the commercial itself are not just about promoting Tesla's Autopilot feature, but also about promoting a lifestyle that aligns with Tesla's brand values. It's about embracing the bold, innovative, and sustainable lifestyle that Tesla represents.

The Drive Bold campaign has the potential to significantly impact Tesla's brand and the electric vehicle industry as a whole. By highlighting the advanced safety features of Autopilot, the campaign could convince more people to switch to electric vehicles, leading to safer roads and a more sustainable future.

How I Developed the Drive Bold Slogan and Why It Works

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of a compelling and catchy slogan like Drive Bold?

The Drive Bold slogan is a natural derivative of creating the commercial. In other words, it just came together. I originally didn't set out to create a slogan, but as I was creating the commercial, the idea of the slogan came to me as a result of the psychology used in the commercial. This psychology revolves around the balance between the desire for boldness and the need for safety, which is a key theme in the commercial.

The slogan aligns perfectly with Tesla's brand values, which include innovation, sustainability, and pushing boundaries. Tesla is known for its cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly approach, and commitment to creating a better future. Drive Bold reinforces these values and encourages customers to join Tesla in its mission to revolutionize the automotive industry.

The Drive Bold slogan is more than a punchy phrase; it's a strategic blend of psychology, desire, and brand promise.

Playing on the Psychology of Risk and Safety

The human psyche is a fascinating mix of paradoxes. While we are often drawn towards safety and predictability, there is also a part of us that yearns for thrill and adventure. This intriguing blend of safety-loving and thrill-seeking attitudes helped form the Drive Bold slogan.

The slogan was inspired by the psychology of risk and safety. While most people wouldn't take the risks associated with skydiving or mountain climbing, they do want to drive boldly, especially with the added safety features offered by Autopilot. The slogan captures this desire for boldness balanced with safety.

The Promise of Boldness Balanced with Safety

When you think of Tesla, you probably think of innovation and thrill (zero to 60 in how many seconds?). And after watching the commercial, hopefully you now think of safety as well. The Drive Bold slogan perfectly captures these elements. It promises the excitement of an exhilarating drive, but with the safety net of Tesla's cutting-edge Autopilot features.

The core concept of the slogan lies deep within the human psyche. It's rooted in our complex relationship with risk and safety. Humans tend to seek thrilling experiences, yet they also yearn for the peace of mind that safety provides.

So, next time you see the Drive Bold slogan, remember the thought and strategic psychology that went into its creation. It's more than a phrase, it's a testament to Tesla's commitment to providing a driving experience that's both thrilling and safe.

Aligning Drive Bold with Tesla's Brand Values

Tesla is not just a car manufacturer; it's a pioneer, an innovator, a flag-bearer of sustainable living. The Drive Bold slogan profoundly echoes these brand values. Let's dissect how.

Innovation and Drive Bold

When we think of Tesla, we think of innovation. It's the brand that dared to challenge the status quo, revolutionizing the auto industry with electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology. The slogan mirrors this spirit of innovation. Just as Tesla boldly drives innovation, Tesla drivers are encouraged to Drive Bold - pioneering, fearless, and forward-thinking, much like the brand itself.

Just like what Tesla stands for, driving bold is not just about physical driving, it is about leading a bold lifestyle, a lifestyle of daring to innovate and challenging the norms.

Sustainability and Drive Bold

One of Tesla's core values is sustainability. But what does sustainability have to do with driving bold? A lot, as it turns out. By choosing a Tesla, drivers are making a bold statement about sustainability, choosing a carbon-neutral future over fossil fuel dependency. Drive Bold represents this conscious, bold choice - a choice to drive change and contribute to a sustainable future.

Drive Bold

Tesla's Brand Values

Challenging the Norms


Conscious Choice


Pushing Boundaries and Drive Bold

Tesla has always been on the cutting edge of technology, pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to drive an electric vehicle. Tesla constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible, be it in terms of battery technology, autonomous driving, or renewable energy solutions. This boundary-pushing mentality is encapsulated in the Drive Bold slogan. It encourages Tesla drivers to not just exist within their comfort zones, but to push boundaries and embrace the future.

To drive a Tesla is to Drive Bold - pushing the boundaries, embracing the future, and leading a lifestyle that reflects these values. The slogan perfectly captures Tesla’s vision: daring to drive differently while working toward utmost safety.


How it promotes boldness

How it promotes safety


Allows for a hands-off driving experience

Reduces the chance of human error

Electric power

Offers unmatched acceleration and performance

Eliminates risks associated with traditional combustion engines

Customers Connect with Drive Bold

Tesla isn't just selling cars, it's selling an experience, a lifestyle. The Drive Bold slogan is intended to resonate with Tesla’s customers because it captures their shared values and aspirations. It's for those who want to challenge the status quo, and do it safely.

  • Fearless: Tesla drivers are not afraid to stand out, to choose a car that is different from the norm.

  • Innovative: They appreciate the technology and innovation that goes into every Tesla vehicle.

  • Safety-conscious: Despite their boldness, they value safety – for themselves, their passengers, and the environment.

In essence, the slogan taps into a fundamental human dichotomy: the desire to push boundaries while still maintaining a sense of security. It's a bold move, but then again, that's what Tesla is all about.

Out-of-Home Advertising: Making a Big Impact with Bold Designs

Below is the billboard design. Notice it's simple, yet bold. A perfect match for the Drive Bold campaign. If you're driving down the road and notice a billboard that has the Tesla logo and the slogan, Drive Bold, it should get your attention. After all, that's the point of outdoor advertising - to catch your eye, make an immediate impact, and leave a lasting impression. The minimalist design mirrors Tesla's sleek and innovative branding, while the powerful Drive Bold tagline encourages consumers to embrace a bold, forward-thinking lifestyle, much like Tesla's own vision.

Take a look at the billboard design below:

When you first see the billboard, it's impossible to miss the striking design. The dominant shade of Tesla's signature red sets a powerful and energetic tone, immediately drawing your attention.

The Intent Behind the Design

The intention behind the design is threefold: to intrigue, to inspire, and to invigorate. Tesla wants to communicate not just a product or a brand, but a lifestyle, a state of being. This is not just a car, it's an invitation to a new, bold driving experience.

Details That Speak Volumes

Every aspect of the billboard has been meticulously thought out. From the choice of color to the typography, each detail is intentional.

  • The use of red is a nod to Tesla's vibrant energy and bold aspirations.

  • The Drive Bold slogan is prominently displayed, reinforcing the brand's commitment to boldness and innovation.

In essence, this billboard is more than just an advertising tool. It's a statement, a proclamation of Tesla's bold vision for the future of driving.

Digital Advertising: Amplifying the Drive Bold Message Online

In addition to the out-of-home advertising (in this case the billboard as there is much more than just billboards to OOH advertising), the Drive Bold campaign also extends to digital advertising. The digital ad design, like the billboard, is simple yet bold, capturing the essence of the Drive Bold slogan and Tesla's innovative spirit.

Take a look at the digital ad design below:

The digital banners shown, one for web and one for mobile, look the same as the billboard. This allows the campaign to provide consistency across multiple platforms. What makes it bold is it only has two design elements, the logo and the slogan with the Drive Bold slogan in white font inside a red background with the red Tesla logo inside a gray background.

Tesla's boldness is in its innovative, yet elegant approach to technology. The Drive Bold campaign emphasizes this boldness through simplicity. Just two design elements - the logo and the slogan. This minimalistic approach speaks volumes, embodying Tesla's innovation and elegance against a striking red canvas.

The Future of Tesla Advertising and My Role in It

At the time of this post, Tesla has not released any commercials. Its success has been due to word of mouth and people's interest in the latest technology. However, at Tesla's Annual Shareholder Meeting on May 16, 2023, Elon agreed to start advertising. No details were provided at the time, but this was a perfect opportunity for me to take my audio commercial copywriting skills and create my first video concept commercial.

Tesla did not commission me to create any advertising. Regardless of whether they want to hire me to help with their commercials and advertising, this is a portfolio piece I want to share with everyone. My ultimate goal is to focus exclusively on branding, advertising, slogans, and commercials. As I continue to develop my skills and portfolio, I look forward to the possibility of working on more projects like this in the future, whether with Tesla or other innovative companies.

Looking Ahead: Future Plans

My journey with Tesla and other major brands doesn't stop here. I have a roadmap ahead with ideas for commercials, slogans, and a bold new approach to advertising.

The Future of Slogans:

Drive Bold is just the beginning. I'm eager to craft fresh, impactful slogans that echo the vision of Tesla and other companies, and continue to inspire customers around the globe.

Next-Gen Commercials:

  • Storytelling: I plan on leveraging the power of narrative to build emotional connections between companies and their customers. Crossing the boundaries of traditional advertising, my commercials will tell captivating stories that resonate with the intended audience.

  • Visionary Imagery: My goal is to revolutionize my clients’ visual representation in my commercials. I envision using cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to create a dynamic, futuristic imagery that truly mirrors each client’s uniqueness.

The Power of OOH and Digital Advertising:

OOH Advertising

Digital Advertising

From visually striking billboards to innovative interactive displays, I plan on taking OOH advertising to a whole new level to augment my client's presence in the real world.

For digital advertising, I plan to fully exploit the potential of social media and SEO, harnessing the power of data-driven marketing to reach the right audience at the right time.

Buckle up, because we're about to shift gears and accelerate into an exciting future of advertising that's just as electrifying as Tesla cars, and of course, humanoid robots, which may be featured in future commercials!

Stay tuned for my upcoming series on major food brands including slogans and motion graphics, along with new advertising campaigns to help these brands attract more customers.