Technical Editing Services

Even if you write your technical documents in-house, you can still benefit from Young Copy’s years of experience and expertise in technical writing.

Technical editing services take the documents your own team has already created and pushes them to the next level. From spelling and grammar checks to restructuring and rewriting, Young Copy enhances your existing text with our own technical insight and writing talent.

As a result, you minimize the cost of writing, without compromising on quality.

How Technical Editing Helps You

Overcoming common problems with technical documents

If you have decided to write technical documents in-house, technical accuracy will likely not be a problem. After all, your team understands your software or services inside out.

But professional technical documents are not just rich in technical detail. They make technical information easy to understand, interesting to read, and useful for your customers.

Technical documents written in-house tend to:

  • Use technical terms without explaining what they mean
  • Use complex sentence structures that are difficult to read
  • Contain spelling and grammar errors a busy employee could miss
  • Assume knowledge in readers and leave out “obvious” basics
  • Use a structure that makes sense for your team, but not for readers

Together, these issues create documents that are not suitably balanced between technical detail and readability.

At Young Copy, we have written thousands of technical documents. That means we can sculpt the raw material in your current draft into a professional, finished document.

Young Copy’s technical editing services

Young Copy’s technical editing services put a professional technical editing team just a phone call or email away. We are ready to start improving your documents right away.

Our 100% native English team can edit any document your business creates including:

  • Online help
  • Documentation
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Research
  • Reports
  • And more

The Young Copy technical editing team also works on website content, blog posts, and articles that include technical information.

The Young Copy technical editing team

Some technical editing teams are only technical experts. Some are just talented writers.

At Young Copy, we insist on hiring people who are both.

Our technical editing team is rich in technical knowledge, but knows how to express this insight in a way your prospects and existing customers will understand.

That enables us to edit your documents on a number of different levels, covering both technical detail and readability issues.

Types of technical editing

When you choose Young Copy’s technical editing services, you can get help on the right level for your budget and your goals.

Levels of service available include:

  • Development: Young Copy generates ideas to move your documents forward, making them more consistent.
  • Content: Young Copy considers the structure, style, and formatting of your documents, looking for opportunities to make them more helpful and easier to navigate for your users.
  • Copy: Young Copy edits your documents on a precise level, looking at issues with spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

Our team can also work across multiple levels at once, doing whatever it takes to make your documents the best they can be.

Why invest in technical editing services?

Whatever shape your documents are in, our technical editing makes them more comprehensive, detailed, and useful for customers.

Best of all, this delivers tangible business results.

Better technical documents will:

  • Help users to self-service, reducing your support costs
  • Empower customers to get more from your software and services
  • Improve customer satisfaction, driving word-of-mouth advertising and reducing churn

Together, these benefits translate into a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Getting Started

Better technical documents help to educate customers, retain their business, and reduce your support costs. Contact Young Copy today to discuss your project and receive a customized quote.

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