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RoboHelp Consulting Services

RoboHelp consulting services from Young Copy bring you over a decade and a half of experience. From small quick start guides to all out documentation, you can expect a full service solution for all your RoboHelp consulting needs. RoboHelp has been a major player in the documentation space. And we have the success stories, along with really awesome examples, to prove that we are RoboHelp experts. Let us show you today.

Defining our RoboHelp consulting services

Whether you are just starting out with RoboHelp or your organization has been using RoboHelp for years, we can help you get started at any level.

RoboHelp as a single source platform

We have experience creating documentation with RoboHelp to work on any device as a single source solution. We create online, searchable HTML documentation along with printable, downloadable PDF documents, and anything in between that looks good on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

Add version control for archiving

We are also experts at using version control to make sure you always have an archive of your documentation.

Customizing RoboHelp themes

You want your documentation to match your branding and style guide. We have extensive experience building custom themes that match your colors, fonts, logo, and overall look and feel for consistency.

Migrating from Word, PDF, or any other platform to RoboHelp

Starting with Word and PDFs is great, but when it comes time to move to a single source platform like RoboHelp, we’ve got you covered. Or if you are moving from another documentation platform, we’ve got you covered there too. We can migrate all your Word and PDF documents, and all your existing documentation from any other platform, and do it with ease.

Ready for proof

We have the proof to backup our talk, and a lot of it. Working with R1Soft, Five9, and many other clients, we have used RoboHelp extensively. Contact us today to view enough samples to keep you reading for months, and convince you that we are experts at RoboHelp.