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Our Leadership

What started as a one-person team has turned into a growing foundation of highly qualified technical communicators, writers, editors, and designers. Read below to learn more about our leadership and why Young Copy is driven to success by helping our clients achieve remarkable results.

David Young

Young Copy was started by and is led by David Young, a technical communicator with nearly 20 years of experience. David’s daily duties include sales, marketing, building teams, and working with clients and content engineers to ensure the highest quality outcome is produced and maintained.

Prior to starting Young Copy, David was an applications engineer for EarthLink and Peregrine Systems where he developed applications and integrated third-party solutions using a variety of programming languages and databases including Perl, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Oracle.

While building applications for leading companies is and was exciting, David moved to combining his technical skills with his writing skills as a communications manager for leading web hosting billing development company ModernBill, where he managed and built a support team while building all documentation, marketing communication collateral, and anything else related to technical communications.

From there David started picking up freelance work with fast-growing companies and became a contributing writer to Ping! Zine Web Host Magazine. While writing and editing articles for the magazine, David landed multiple contracts that allowed him to start and build Young Copy in 2006.

With Young Copy started and an undergraduate degree in English, David earned a master’s degree in professional writing. David’s experience as a programmer and developer, along with his English writing background, has put him at the forefront of knowing what clients want and need to be successful with their technical communication projects.