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Making Good Documents Great with Technical Editing Services

Technical Editing ServicesWithin your company, you are sure to have people that can put a sentence together. You, your technical support team, and your sales employees are all smart, literate people who could write technical documents about your software or services with ease.

So why would you invest your money in professional technical editing services?

The answer is simple. Even if your internal team can write something good, it takes experience and expertise to push it to the next level.

Technical editing services make your technical documents great. Good is not good enough.

But how can you tell the difference between good and great technical documents?

Making technical documents perform for your business

If you are in a technical industry, such as software, hosting, or anything IT-related, almost any document your business creates could be described as technical. While the term “technical” makes us think of manuals, online help systems, reports and research documents, it encompasses many other types of content as well.

If you are producing any of the above, or blog posts, web content, articles, etc., you need to make all of your content just as polished as your products and services.

But how do we judge the quality of technical writing?

At Young Copy, we start by considering your goals. Usually, these will include:

  • Reducing support costs by improving self-service support
  • Helping new customers understand your most technical offerings
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to encourage word-of-mouth advertising and reduce churn

If your documents are going to perform for your business, they need to meet and surpass these goals. If not, the time and money you invest in writing them is wasted.

The three traits of great technical writing

As you may have noted, the most common goals of technical documents are common goals of businesses in general. You may be surprised to learn that you can use technical documents to achieve these important business results in just a few simple ways.

  • Develop ideas for necessary content, and leave out everything non-essential.
  • Mold content into an intelligent, simple-to-follow structure.
  • Write copy rich in technical detail, but optimized for readability.

In our experience, getting these three aspects right guarantees great technical documents. That is why, as we launch Young Copy’s technical editing services, we incorporate these three traits of technical editing into every project.

Technical editing services from Young Copy

Since 2006, Young Copy has written and edited thousands of technical documents for clients ranging from small startups to multi-million dollar enterprises. Over the years, the people who read technical documents have become increasingly discerning. They demand the highest quality, and that is what Young Copy provides.

With Young Copy technical editing services, you get the best of both worlds. The writing process remains in-house, allowing you to minimize your costs and put existing employees to work on the initial writing process.

Then, whether your documents are written in broken English, lacking structure, or already in fairly good shape, Young Copy’s 100% native English team pushes them to work harder for your business.

In addition, you can choose an appropriate service level for your budget. Choose your level of technical editing from spelling and grammar checks to full restructuring of your entire project.

Whatever your document requires, Young Copy can implement it.

For more information, contact us now at (678) 500-9550 or visit

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