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  1. Ping! Zine Article Published: Fact Or Fiction: People Will Read All Your Website Content

    fact-or-fiction-people-will-read-all-your-website-contentDo you think people read all your website content? As a truly global marketplace that is accessible in almost every home, the Internet is full of possibilities for effective brand marketing, great customer service, and dramatically increased sales. Modern consumers look at your website copy as their first step towards making a purchase and, if you can effectively engage these qualified visitors, your website has the potential to turn qualified visitors into thousands of new customers.

    Great website content can inspire, educate, and ultimately turn people into fanatics and enthusiasts about your products and services. But are you sure these potentially lucrative new customers will read your website copy properly? Is it worth investing in high quality professional copywriting services if the vast majority of your visitors will only ‘skim the headlines’ and move on to your competitors’ websites?

    In my latest article, Fact Or Fiction: People Will Read All Your Website Content, published in Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine, I discuss the reading habits of your visitors, describe the unique way website content is consumed, and tell you what you can do to guarantee that potential customers engage with your web copy and take action to get in touch, request a quote, make a phone call, download a white paper, or even better – order your products and services.
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  2. Ping! Zine Article Published: 10 Ways to Promote Your Business in 2011

    10-ways-to-promote-your-business-in-2011There’s no denying it – your business needs an online presence if you want to maximize every opportunity to sell your products and services. From blog posting to Twitter and Facebook, white papers and case studies to a search engine optimized website, SEO press release marketing and more, there are several great marketing methods available that you can start using today. Well written website content can have an immediate and ongoing effect on your business – so why are so many companies missing out on the opportunity to communicate with current and prospective customers and dramatically increase revenue?

    Business owners and executives are very busy, often involved in many different aspects of their company and operating with stretched resources at best. Creating and maintaining a network of quality content that resonates with your target audiences is time-consuming work that requires careful analysis. Your brand deserves to be seen – and with the right help, there are ten powerful steps you can take to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

    In my latest article, 10 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2011, published in Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine, I demystify the world of web-based marketing and reveal the truth of ten simple steps to advance your online presence that will attract highly qualified customers to your door, website, phone, email – wherever you want. That sounds nice, right?
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  3. Professional Writer Dave Young Featured in Inc. Magazine on Email Marketing Strategies

    inclogoWow! What a great way to complete 2010. Dave Young, professional writer and founder of Young Copy, was recently featured in an Inc. Magazine article on how to write compelling subject lines that increase email subscriber open rates.

    Inc. Magazine is a NYC-based monthly magazine for people dedicated to learning about running and building a business. Inc. Magazine features subject matter experts on marketing and other business strategies to help entrepreneurs and executives improve business performance and efficiency, and increase revenue. The magazine also publishes the Inc. 500 & Inc. 5000 lists, annual lists of the top 500 and top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

    In the article, Dave provides professional advice and valuable tips on how to write compelling subject lines that will entice your email subscribers to open and read your emails and newsletters. Take a few minutes and head over to the Inc. website to learn How to Write a Compelling Email Subject Line.

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  4. PEER 1 Showcase: Coordinating Online and Offline Marketing for Maximum Effectiveness

    peer1-logoAs time permits, I like to write about projects I have completed. Some projects are recent while other projects are from a while ago. Doing so gives me a chance to show prospective clients (and my loyal blog subscribers – thank you) the type of work we do here at Young Copy and the successful clients we work with on a daily basis.

    A while ago, PEER 1, a global colocation and web hosting provider with 17 data centers worldwide (and growing), hired Young Copy to write white papers, brochure copy, email newsletter copy and other marketing communications content. In marketing, combining offline marketing such as brochures, print newsletters and white papers, with online marketing like website content, press releases, blogs, and email newsletters, generates a much stronger response in terms of high quality leads.

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  5. Young Copy Presents at Web Host Boot Camp 2009

    Next Wednesday, June 10 at 3pm EST, I will be presenting a “Writing for Revenue” session at Web Host Boot Camp 2009, the first-ever virtual web hosting conference. The conference is free to attend so register now.

    About the “Writing for Revenue” session

    This is exciting. Not only is this the first-ever virtual conference for web hosting companies, but it’s Young Copy’s first-ever conference presentation. I write compelling website copy daily for clients all over the world. And I help clients achieve amazing results. Even though I specialize in the hosting, software, and technology industries, anyone who owns a website and needs great copy should attend. Plus it’s free. However, seats are limited so register now. Attendees will learn directly from me the types of website content, copy, and motivation techniques they should include as part of their overall marketing communication strategies.

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  1. Young Copy Launches New Technical Editing Services

    Atlanta, GA – October 8, 2013 – Leading technical and promotional writing and editing company Young Copy, announced today the launch of new technical editing services. While the company has written and edited thousands of technical documents, organizations of any size can now utilize technical editing as a stand-alone service, raising any work to the standard of professional writers. The service covers any technical document including documentation, online help, knowledgebase articles, blog posts, reports and more.

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  2. Young Copy Helps Companies Increase Customer Leads With Optimized Blog Writing Services

    Cincinnati, OH (PRESS RELEASE) June 30, 2010 – Young Copy, a leading promotional writing, technical writing, and marketing services company, announced today its optimized blog writing services help businesses develop an ongoing relationship with potential and current customers and generate pre-qualified leads.

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  3. Marketing With Press Releases

    Ping! Zine article #10 published. This article lists the top 10 rules for a winning press release marketing strategy.

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