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  1. Ping! Zine Article Published: 10 Ways to Promote Your Business in 2011

    10-ways-to-promote-your-business-in-2011There’s no denying it – your business needs an online presence if you want to maximize every opportunity to sell your products and services. From blog posting to Twitter and Facebook, white papers and case studies to a search engine optimized website, SEO press release marketing and more, there are several great marketing methods available that you can start using today. Well written website content can have an immediate and ongoing effect on your business – so why are so many companies missing out on the opportunity to communicate with current and prospective customers and dramatically increase revenue?

    Business owners and executives are very busy, often involved in many different aspects of their company and operating with stretched resources at best. Creating and maintaining a network of quality content that resonates with your target audiences is time-consuming work that requires careful analysis. Your brand deserves to be seen – and with the right help, there are ten powerful steps you can take to attract more customers and generate more revenue.

    In my latest article, 10 Ways To Promote Your Business In 2011, published in Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine, I demystify the world of web-based marketing and reveal the truth of ten simple steps to advance your online presence that will attract highly qualified customers to your door, website, phone, email – wherever you want. That sounds nice, right?
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  1. Young Copy Launches New Technical Editing Services

    Atlanta, GA – October 8, 2013 – Leading technical and promotional writing and editing company Young Copy, announced today the launch of new technical editing services. While the company has written and edited thousands of technical documents, organizations of any size can now utilize technical editing as a stand-alone service, raising any work to the standard of professional writers. The service covers any technical document including documentation, online help, knowledgebase articles, blog posts, reports and more.

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  2. Young Copy Helps Companies Increase Customer Leads With Optimized Blog Writing Services

    Cincinnati, OH (PRESS RELEASE) June 30, 2010 – Young Copy, a leading promotional writing, technical writing, and marketing services company, announced today its optimized blog writing services help businesses develop an ongoing relationship with potential and current customers and generate pre-qualified leads.

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  3. Marketing With Press Releases

    Ping! Zine article #10 published. This article lists the top 10 rules for a winning press release marketing strategy.

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