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Ping! Zine Article Published: Are you ready for a website audit?

Ready for a Website AuditWhen clients hire Young Copy to write compelling website content and copywriting, part of the process includes performing a complete website audit. Young Copy has been auditing websites for years, but until recently, I never used the phrase “website audit” when speaking to clients. So why did I write an article on website auditing?

So why now?

Over the years Young Copy has been perfecting website content and copywriting to help clients increase their revenue. Although Young Copy is a promotional and technical writing services firm, clients have always requested marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO) services as well as marketing design services such as website design, banner design, magazine ad design and so on. That said, we have started surfacing those marketing services so more clients can be aware of everything we offer.

As a team, Young Copy has the expertise and skills to fully audit an organization’s website for everything including website content, copy, SEO, design, and ongoing marketing as part of our customized marketing solutions. After launching several successful projects that incorporated everything we do, I decided to step back and perform a website audit on Young Copy’s website. As a result of putting all our services together into one powerful marketing communication strategy, I wrote an article in Ping! Zine detailing what a website auditor does and can do for your business.

What you will learn

If you want to increase revenue generated by your website, you should consider reading the “Are you ready for a website audit?” article. You will learn what a website auditor is and does. Plus you will get insight as to the many aspects of having a website audit completed by a professional website auditor.

For example, you will be introduced to many of the practices we use every day to help clients achieve remarkable success including:

  • Proper Call-to-Action
  • Usability
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Equity

Before you spend more of your hard earned dollars on advertising campaigns, website design services, SEO copywriting services, and other marketing initiatives, you need to spend a few minutes and read over the items defined in the “Are you ready for a website audit?”article.

Don’t spend another minute wondering what it takes to generate more revenue with your website. Instead, read the “Are you ready for a website audit?” article and learn how you can increase your visitor-to-customer ratio by implementing the ideas and concepts provided to you by a professional website auditor.

How to get the article

There are three ways you can read the article.

1. Download the PDF version of Are you ready for a website audit?.

2. Read the full HTML version in the Young Copy Resource Center on the Are you ready for a website audit? page.

3. Visit Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine, download issue 36, and turn to page 24.

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