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Launching the We Are Content Engineers Technical Communication Services Website

After 10 years in business, Young Copy needed a new website, a new foundation, and a home for a new logo and slogan that represents what a technical communication services firm should be. So, in August 2016, Young Copy launched a new website, a new logo, a new slogan, and new company colors to represent what we think is the epitome of technical communication services in an era where technology is growing and increasing at a faster rate than ever. Let me introduce you to the new We Are Content EngineersTM technical communication services website and what it means for you and your business.

Defining technical communication services

First let’s define technical communication services, what the services are, and how they can help your organization achieve monumental levels of success that you come to expect when trusting your organization to a service provider. Technical communication services often include a variety of materials that are written, designed, and formatted to help you educate, attract, attain, and communicate your messages to your intended audiences.

How Young Copy offers technical communication services

The Young Copy technical communication suite of services, as of 2016, is offered in three top categories, with the primary focus on technical writing. Technical writing includes all forms of documentation and any written material with the second and third levels of technical communication as technical editing and technical copywriting, respectively.

Why clients choose Young Copy

When a client chooses Young Copy, they come to us because we understand what it takes to communicate content and messages effectively to their target audiences, customers, clients, vendors, partners, and anyone they want to get in front of, stay in front of, and build relationships with as they continue to build their businesses, launch their products and services, and market their organization to the world either at a local scale or a global scale. With that in mind Young Copy has and continues to work with companies of all sizes including multi-billion dollar businesses that have a global presence with products and services designed at the highest level of perfection.

Bringing technical communication services perfection at the highest level

Young Copy dedicates and commits to the highest level of perfection that our clients demand from us. Not a single client comes to Young Copy or inquires for more information on Young Copy services without wanting and desiring technical communication services at the elite level of performance, accuracy, and optimism that will help them achieve, exceed, and go beyond their intended goals. Only one technical communication services firm can deliver at the highest level – and that’s Young Copy.

The proof is in the content

Most companies only talk about delivering their services at the highest level, but Young Copy has written content and success stories to prove that we are what we say we are. How else can we establish a slogan that perfectly represents what we think and know a technical communication services company should be? How else can we define, create, and invent a slogan of words that resonate with our intended audiences? How else can we establish the highest standards required to deliver services at the highest level? The answer to all these questions is to build a team of experienced and knowledgeable communicators who can develop and write content in a way that leaves a lasting impression with our clients and their customers, partners, vendors, and anyone else listening to their messages, or in our case, reading their messages.

Examples to back up the proof

As technical communicators, our job is to organize, construct, and architect content that helps the intended reader to find what they’re looking for quickly, understand and learn what they need quickly, and take the next appropriate steps and actions based on the objectives of the written materials. For example, a technical document with hundreds, even thousands of pages, should be organized, written, and architected in a way that allows a beginner to the most advanced user, get the information they need quickly, and understand and reference supporting information they need quickly.

Another example is developing content for websites. The structure and organization, the message, the intent, the design from a copy perspective, as it integrates with a design perspective such as graphics, colors, and formatting along with supporting materials including press releases, newsletters, case studies, etc. that enhance the users journey through the brand’s communication materials. Regardless of the platform or the medium, the content, the copy, the graphics, and the collection of materials, all designed to move the user through the pathway our clients want their users to go.

Achieving the objective

The objective is simple. Our clients know what they want. Our clients know what their objectives are. They trust Young Copy. And they trust our content engineers. To get an even better understanding of how our content engineers architect and develop content that exceeds our clients’ goals, browse our full list of success stories to learn what we’ve done for leading companies. Learn the problems our clients faced prior to choosing Young Copy and learn the solutions and results they achieved because they choose Young Copy.

We Are Content EngineersTM

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