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Dependable Solutions And A Winning Slogan

Dependable Solutions, a technology management firm based in Wisconsin, provides professional technology solutions for organizations ranging from small to large businesses, government, police departments, and K-12 school districts. In September 2007, the team over at Dependable Solutions contacted Young Copy requesting professional writing services for their upcoming K-12 conference. Aside from writing postcard copy for the conference, full website copy, and brochure copy, I developed a catchy advertising slogan to help the company boost revenues. Did it work?

First, take a look at the Dependable Solutions case study. Then read the previous blog post Developing A Winning Advertising Slogan. Once you have read the case study and the previous blog post, you should have an idea as to what Dependable Solutions provides to their clients. To sum up, they help organizations achieve the following:

  • A Manageable IT Infrastructure
  • A Stable, Secure Network and Computer Setup
  • 99.9% Uptime

The New Slogan

I came up with a few slogans the company could use, but ultimately we decided on “Your Technology Management Experts” as the new slogan.

Remember the Peer1 and SingleHop slogans I discussed previously? Both start with “We” and state what the company does for its clients. For the Dependable Solutions slogan, I used “Your” instead of “We” to help establish a personal connection with the company’s target audiences. Instead of saying “Your Technology Management Experts,” I could have stated, “We Are Technology Management Experts.” The slogan would still be powerful, but by using the word “Your,” Dependable Solutions can build a more personal connection.

Since the company manages technology solutions for its clients, I decided to use a form of “manages” and “technology” in the slogan. And to distinguish Dependable Solutions from other companies, I incorporated the word “Experts.” Take the personal connection factor “Your,” combine that with “Technology Management,” then add “Experts” to round it out.

Success Today

The slogan, along with the postcards, website copy, and brochure copy, was launched November 2007. Today, eight months later, Dependable Solutions has doubled its number of employees, opened a new store front for home users needing technology assistance, and expanded into new vertical markets. The company is consistently increasing revenues, adding new clients and employees, and developing new relationships with its new marketing copy and new winning slogan.

Coming Up…

In the coming weeks, I will share more topics and ideas on creating and developing winning advertising slogans.

1. Developing a winning slogan for Young Copy. Since I develop business slogans for my clients, why not go ahead and develop one for Young Copy.

2. Launching the new Young Copy slogan. Will it be successful? I think so. After all, if I develop winning slogans for my clients, I can do the same for Young Copy.

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