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The other day I received my copy of WebHosting.Info’s NewsGrid Daily newsletter. In the newsletter there was a banner ad flashing “free hosting, with no ads.” What caught my attention was the simplicity of the banner ad, but more importantly, the name of the company – WebHero.


I think the name is great. We all have our heroes – The Incredible Hulk anyone? The banner ad said “Free Web Hosting” and flashed “With No Ads.” At the bottom of the ad was the WebHero logo (shown above). Typically I would not click on a free web hosting ad, but I had to check this one out. I almost never come across a free web hosting company that has such a great company name. That said, there must be something else to it.

When the WebHero site loads, it shows four products. The first product in WebHero’s matrix is the “Free Web Hosting” package – the one mentioned in the banner ad. In the second slot, WebHero highlights the “Everything Hosted” package in green as the “Best Selling Plan.” At $4.95 you get 10GB of storage space, 1500 throughput (bandwidth), an ecommerce cart, priority phone support, tons of email accounts, even MySQL databases.

The point of this blog is not to sell you on WebHero’s products and services, rather I want to point out how effective company branding can be in terms of attracting new customers. Even though I would not use a free web hosting service, WebHero caught my attention and almost sold me on their paid hosting plan.


1. Great branding.
2. Extreme simplicity (design and copy).
3. Great color scheme.
4. Everything I would need in a hosting package.
5. Great pricing model.

WebHero, like many other companies I feature in this blog, has done a great job branding their company. Especially in today’s overly saturated shared web hosting market, branding plays an even more important role in the success of a company that primarily sells shared hosting services.

Great job WebHero. Keep up the good work.

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